Saturday, October 18, 2008

Class Mascot

Sam's morning class has a mascot.

A fluffy hamster named Bella.

Bella gets to go home for the weekend with students. This weekend was Sam's turn to bring Bella home and oh boy, is she ever cute!! We got her home and let her come out of the cage for a little while. She's so soft and fluffy!! I'm going to miss her when she goes back to school...I think sam will too - and I bet, even though he probably won't admit it, Stu will too.

I'm SERIOUSLY considering getting a hamster of our own. Really. I don't mind the "messy" jobs like cleaning the cage or anything...and a hamster IS quiet so we don't have to worry about it barking all night...they're pretty low maintenance...and the most exciting (and ONLY) pet we (ever) had when I was growing up was a goldfish. And all the goldfish we ever got kept dying on us.

So if i can convince Stu (I know Sam's all for the hamster, as am I) - if Sam and i can convince Daddy that a hamster would be a GOOD idea...soon we'll have a fluffy little pet of our own!!