Sunday, September 14, 2008

The need for a time-out

comes fairly regularly here.

Something happens and Sam has a meltdown. even at his age, which is six.

I send him to his room. For two reasons.

so HE can calm down...and so I don't start screaming at him to stop screaming.

I'm trying so hard to be a better parent. But it's hard. And I am aware that parenting isn't easy; more often than not it's very hard. But there are days that are much easier than others. Days when he's cooperative and happy. I dread the meldtown days. They're hard. The smallest things can set him off. And since distracting him and directing his attention to something else, more drastic measures are needed.

Loss of TV privileges for example. For the rest of the day.

Constant asking after i've said "soon" results, ultimately, in a "NO". I warn him hte first time or two, but if he asks more than 5 times...the answer is a no in the end. (which results in a meltdown, and that results in the time-out and possible other consequences.

The good result here is, in the end, he usually comes and tells me he's sorry. I ask him if he understands why he was put in time-out or lost such-and-such privilege. And he does - and tells me. Then i give him a hug and tell him that i forgive him.

And he's happy. (Until the next time, at least.)

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